CheChe Pong
In a world of magic a thousand years ago, the CheChePong were created by the great wizardess Harin using nature's life force to battle the wicked plans of the evil lord Aegross, who wanted to unleash darkness on the world through disease and destruction...

The Weekly Battles against the enemy are intense but non-violent, in compliance with FCC guidelines. The CheChePong 'weapons' of choice are donuts, popsicles, and nature's elements. When evil characters are finally defeated, they return to their original peaceful state.
Fully Animated Series
26 half-hour episodes
Target: Children
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Real teens on real adventures, with some of the gritty flavor of “SURVIVOR,” and the fun of “Crocodile Hunter,” this poignant and fascinating eco-adventure series sets out to solve some of the environmental problems facing Mother Earth.
Starring: Tom Paris
26 half-hour episodes
Target: Teens12-16 and Adults 18-49
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"Safari" is a half hour "educational" wildlife program hosted by world renown naturalist, John Ross. Ross travels the frozen Arctic to Africa's pristine Okavango Delta bringing viewers face to face with some of the most fascinating creatures on earth.
Starring: John Ross
26 half-hour episodes
Target: children 12-18 and adults 25-54
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Mysteries, Magic and Miracles
Mysteries, Magic and Miracles is a compelling weekly hour featuring Patrick Macnee (the Avengers) who travels the globe in search of the worlds most baffling stories and events. Macnee attempts to solve some of the worlds most bizarre murders and mysteries in this "National Inquirer" style series.
Starring: Patrick Macnee
52 Hour episodes
(26 original/26repeats)
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The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
This mind bending 42 million dollar action adventure series is based on the writings of Futurist and author Jules Verne. Set against a backdrop of the 19th century, this compelling new TV series, shot completely in HDTV format, takes viewers on board the flyingmachine Aurora and spans the globe on a worldwide quest of discovery, danger, justice and romance. Guest stars include Patrick Duffy, David Warner, Margot Kidder, John Rhys-Davies, Michael Moriarty and more.
26 one hour action/adventure series
Available on a 50/50 barter basis
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