In its earlier years (1970) promark® had been operating as a marketing and promotional agency in Canada. In 1980, the company targeted the entertainment industry.




Today promark® is a full service television syndication and distribution company. Its main thrust is clearing of TV specials and series nationally on a barter basis. The program is given to the stations "free" in exchange for an inventory of advertising time which it in turn, sells to national advertisers.

promark® is a service oriented firm whereby television producers pay a basic clearance and administration fee plus out of pocket expenses related to both clearances and on-going administration of the show. It also receives a commission on all net advertising revenue derived from its sale of national inventory.

This posture is flexible. In some cases the company will upfront the clearance and administration fee and expenses in return for a higher commission on advertising sales.

promark® will on other occasions upfront production costs in addition to syndication costs. Under this arrangement it generally enters into a 50-50 joint venture with the producer or licensee of the show.



The companies first effort in the syndication industry was a 2 hour beauty pageant entitled "FROM HAWAII WITH LOVE," which cleared more than 75% US market. It's advertising and sales division sold most of the 20 available commercial spots within a three month period.

The second major project promark® chose was equally as successful. The company cleared over 76% of the country with a special entitled "LIBERACE, LIVE FROM LONDON." Time avails within the show were sold out completely. These two major shows along with a "TRIBUTE TO RICKY NELSON," which cleared 85% of the country positioned it as a major force in the industry.

promark® has created a strong relationship with hundreds of television stations nationally and with all major national advertisers. Over the following 10 years it has developed the credibility and trust among this group which has allowed it to move forward and flourish.

promark® financed and co-produced the prestigious "GOLDEN EAGLE AWARDS" sponsored in part by Pepsi Cola and Coors. It also syndicated and co-produced the "ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK SPECTACULAR;" the "DIONNE WARWICK SPECIAL" featuring Gregory Hines, Peter Allen and Rita Cooledge; the "BLUEBERRY HILL SPECIAL" starring Fats Domino, and for several years presented a half hour children's Christmas special, "CANDY CLAUS" financed and produced by the American Lung Association with Cybill Shepherd as spokesperson.

Although most of the company’s efforts have been directed to the packaging and marketing of OTO specials, the firm, in the last five years, has expanded its catalog to include TV series.

Its first television series effort was an impressive one. "TRAVEL TRAVEL" hosted by Don McGowan, Lu Hanessian, and Suzanne Desautels cleared 50% of the country in its first season. This program enjoyed five successful seasons. "TRAVEL TRAVEL," shot on location around the world, aired weekly in syndication nationwide. It was also seen on the Travel Channel, on United Airlines in-flight and in 15 countries worldwide.

Other projects include:

  • "UNITED WE STAND" a pre-Olympic special taped at the Olympic stadium in Seoul Korea, featuring Sheena Easton, Jermaine Jackson and Julio Iglesias.
  • "CLASSIC CARS AND RACING STARS" a one hour special which focused on vintage auto racing and car auctions taped in Palm Springs, California.
  • A one hour award show called "DIAMOND AWARDS" featuring a host of internationally known guests such as Janet Jackson, Belinda Carlisle, Chris DeBurgh, UB 40, Simply Red and Technotronic.
  • A quarterly one hour special entitled "LEGENDS OF THE WEST WITH JACK PALANCE." This show was a fast paced magazine format that laid bare the truth of the old west by visiting and re-enacting actual events that took place versus Hollywood's portrayal in film. The pilot featured Brooke Shields. Each episode transported the viewer to a famous western locale and included a celebrity co-host.
  • A 3 feature Halloween film package; "FRIGHTNIGHT".
  • MOM USA, a one hour tribute to moms across the country debuted on Mother’s Day 1993. This heart warming and sensitive program was hosted by Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall and singer/actor Susan Anton. MOM USA recognizes moms for their contribution to both the family unit and to the community.
  • MS. FITNESS USA 1993 and MS. FITNESS USA 1994 are probably two of PROMARK's most successful efforts having garnered a 7.3 rating in L.A. and a 4.54 weighted average household rating in 1993. This 2 hour special was hosted by Terry Murphy of Hard Copy. MS. FITNESS USA 1994 was hosted by Shari Belafonte. Sixty women compete for the title and exemplify how a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and regular exercise can create champions. promark® generated in excess of $300,000.00 in sponsorship revenue for this project.
  • The series "HERE COMES THE BRIDE" hosted by Lyle Waggoner, a half hour game show where competing couples were chosen by the studio audience and married on national television, debuted in May 1994.
  • “PC4U” an FCC Friendly weekly half-hour hosted by kids. Explore the computer,
    Internet, the latest CD ROM releases and much more.
  • “SPORTSWEEK” is a 30-minute “magazine style” program that captures action
    highlights of the world’s most compelling sporting events every week.
  • An Academy Award preview show "HOLLYWOOD'S GOLDEN NIGHT" hosted by film critic Jeffery Lyons.
  • 3 – half hour animated holiday specials for Halloween, Christmas and Easter featuring the popular "TROLLS" entitled "THE NORFIN TROLL ADVENTURES".
  • A one hour animated Christmas program "CHRISTMAS CARTOON CLASSICS" and "HOLIDAY CARTOON FAVORITES".
  • "MRS. AMERICA" a one hour OTO special hosted by Florence Henderson, was a tribute to America's most important natural resource.... the married woman. It celebrates the married woman & showcases her values relating to family, careers and community.
  • "THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MOTHER GOOSE" a one hour OTO special focusing on a kinder and gentler version of the old nursery rhymes of the old "Mother Goose" starring Sally Struthers and featuring Emmanuel Lewis.
  • “THE VICTOR AWARDS” recognized our nation's most talented sports figures
    every year. Presented by "Sports Illustrated," this one hour OTO benefited the City of Hope National Medical Center. The many presenters included
    celebrities from the sports and entertainment industry.
  • “RED BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS” this half-hour animation is based on a German
    folk tale about a grouchy, friendless shoemaker, Hans who thinks Christmas is
    merely for greedy people, until he finds out...the true meaning of Christmas.
  • “THE 26TH ANNUAL GOLDEN EAGLE AWARDS” this 2-hour television special
    was hosted by Ricardo Montalban. This annual event recognized Hispanic Americans for their contributions and outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry. Many presenters include major celebrities from the entertainment and sports industry.
  • “THE PUZZLE CLUB CHRISTMAS MYSTERY” a half-hour animated special ...its
    Christmas, and a number of mysterious events have occurred which require the
    investigative talents of a group of kids’ The Puzzle Club. The money for the city’s
    parade is missing, and a search that will lead them to find a missing father and
    return him to his family on Christmas.
  • “THE PUZZLE CLUB EASTER ADVENTURE” Springtime in New Bristol brings
    new adventures for Christopher, Korina and Alex. Buzz, a classmate of Alex,
    disappears while searching for his missing cat. It’s up to the young detectives to
    find the missing boy without their trusted friend and mentor, Tobias, who is rushed
    to the hospital. Join The Puzzle Club on their search for Buzz and discover with
    them the message of hope that Easter brings.
  • “THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF JULES VERNE” With a successful launch in
    2001 on the Sci-Fi Channel and syndication clearances in over 90% of the country,
    this weekly one-hour, which was shot entirely in HD, is one of Promark’s crowning
    jewels. The series follows the adventures of Mr. Verne, the famed 19th century
    author, as he joins his companions aboard a flying machine to travel the world
    during that era. The series boasts an appealing international cast, including Chris
    Demetral of “Blank Check” and “Dream On”, who takes the starring role as Mr.
    Verne, “Dynasty’s” Michael Praed who plays Phileas Fogg, Francesca Hunt who
    play’s Fogg’s cousin Rebecca and Michel Courtemanche completes the cast as
    Phileas’ valet Passepartout. Plus top-name guest stars like David Warner, Margot
    Kidder, John Rhys-Davies, Michael Moriarty, Mako, Patrick Duffy, Tracy Scoggins
    and Rene’ Auberjonois who lend the production a first class look to match its
    groundbreaking storytelling, technical wizardry and mind-blowing special affects.
  • “ENVIROTREK” Launching in September 2004, this weekly half-hour is one of the
    most exciting new concepts in youth reality programming. Each week host Tom
    Paris leads four teens on the environmental eco-adventure of a lifetime.
    “ENVIROTREK” shows young people as strong, smart and capable. The action is
    real, and the knowledge is astounding. Combine all that with exotic locations and
    incredible production values and you have a very special new series with some of
    the gritty flavor of “Survivor” and the fun of the “Crocodile Hunter”. Endorsed by
    research and educational organizations across the country, “ENVIROTREK” also
    meets FCC guidelines for required Educational and Informational programming.

Procter & Gamble, RJ Nabisco, Sara Lee Bakery, Kellogg's, Heinz USA, American Hawaii Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Palm Springs Tourism, National Dairy Council, Coca Cola, Ralston-Purina Inc., Hershey's Corp, Max Factor, Dexatrim, Braun, Minolta, Black and Decker, Beatrice Foods, Pepsi Cola, Duracell, Dow Consumer Products, American Airlines, TWA, Delta Airlines, Andrew Jergins Inc., Johnson and Johnson Inc., Gillette Inc., Coors Brewing Co., Hawaiian Tropic Inc., Hanes Hosiery Inc., Mennen Corp., Avis Inc., Budget Rent A Car, Flora Fax, International Playtex Inc., Jhirmack Products Inc., 3M Co., AT&T, Miller Brewing Co., Sprint, Intercontinental Hotels Inc., Hyatt Hotels Inc., Fischer Price Toys, Mattel Inc. Hasbro Inc. Western Union, Pfizer Inc., SC Johnson Inc., Nike Inc., Lever-Lipton Inc., Danskin Inc., just to mention a few.


MediaVest, Mediacom, Media Edge, DDB/OMD, Initiative Media, BBDO/OMD, Carat Media, Universal McCann, RJ Palmer, Truenorth Media, Zenith Media, Inc. and many more.


DAVID LEVINE began his business career approximately 25 years ago in the communications field. In his early years he was employed as a news broadcaster in Toronto, the number one market in Canada. After several successful broadcast years he joined one of Canada's most prestigious and respected advertising agencies, Vickers and Benson Advertising, as director of promotion.
It wasn't long before V&B established a new division which was to focus on consumer and trade promotions, called Analytical Communications Inc. Levine was positioned as the company's general manager and it didn't take too long before Levine and ACI became widely recognized and respected in the industry.

In 1974 under the banner of ACI, Levine conceived and executed a 1.5 million dollar consumer promotion with hockey star Bobby Orr as spokesman. This was ACI's first major entry into the promotional field and its success accelerated the company's growth. As ACI's account list expanded Levine focused most of his attention on overseeing every aspect of the company's expansion.

By 1976 Levine had established his own company called promark®. With a team of carefully selected marketing specialists, Levine developed and executed major marketing programs for accounts such as Planters Peanuts, Fleishmann's Margarine, Oh Henry Chocolate Bars, A&W Root Beer and McDonald's. Responsibility included overseeing every aspect of the marketing mix including sales seminars and incentive programs targeted to both the sales force and to the dealer.

In 1977 promark® gained international recognition by promoting a daredevil called "THE HUMAN FLY." It was through this project that the company broke into the entertainment industry and later expanded into the United States.
" THE HUMAN FLY" soon became a household word. Levine sold the property to Marvel Comics and the "FLY" became the first real life comic book super hero. He also sold rights to Mattel Inc. for the production of toys and dolls and to poster and T-shirt companies around the world. His biggest success on this project was the sale of movie rights to producer Alan Landsberg.

In 1980 Levine began to direct most of his energy to the entertainment industry. He signed such major acts as Gloria Gaynor, Chicago, Donna Summer, Gino Vannelli, Lisa Dal Bello and Patsy Gallant to promotion and artists representation contracts.

About the same time Levine was making inroads into the recording industry with the establishment of a new record label financed by a group of Canadian investors. After one single and an LP release, TALISMAN RECORDS was soon to be sold at a profit to Capitol Records in Los Angeles after the successful promotion of singer Lisa Dal Bello. Levine who now makes his home in Los Angeles later began HOT VINYL RECORDS. Two Canadian artists, Patsy Gallant and Dwayne Ford were signed to this company.

In 1982 Levine revived which had been inactive for a few years and directed his efforts to securing recording contracts for rock bands. Within months he was successful in closing one of the years largest recording and publishing agreements for a new act called the B'ZZ (a virtually unknown Chicago band) with CBS/EPIC Records. In addition he placed 9 songs written and performed by the band in a motion picture entitled "RECKLESS" starring Meg Foster. Levine coordinated the marketing and promotion of both the record and the film for CBS Records. The single release climbed to number 38 on the charts and positioned the band as an important rock act on the company's roster.
In 1983 Levine went on to expand promark® to include the sale of full length motion pictures and music specials to cable and home video. He parlayed the GINO VANNELLI SUPER SPECIAL, a one hour music production costing about $100,000.00, into sales of over $250,000.00. Buyers included ON-TV, Warner Home Video, USA Network and more.

In 1984 Levine also focused his efforts on TV Syndication. promark® has had an impressive strong and continuous growth pattern since it commenced operations under its new direction. The company is now recognized as a leader in its field and one of the top ten major syndicators in the country. It started with one show and today represents at least ten properties a year including specials and series. Its advertiser active account list has grown from 10 in the first year to over 300 today.

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