The CheChePong Story

In a world of magic a thousand years ago, the CheChePong were created by the great wizardess Harin using nature's life force to battle the wicked plans of the evil lord Aegross, who wanted to unleash darkness on the world through disease and destruction

Now, a young boy Tochi, who narrowly escaped Aegross' reborn powers which turned his village to stone, is calling upon the help of the CheChePong once again to protect the world and save his grandmother.

In their Quest to deactivate Aegross' henchmen of darkness and thereby cure Tochi's grandmother, the brave band of CheChePong Friends travel across jungles, forests, oceans, mountains, and cities to the far reaches of their world. On the way they make new friends and discover new cultures, while returning the people and the places to health.

Non-Violent Excitement

The Weekly Battles against the enemy are intense but non-violent, in compliance with FCC guidelines. The CheChePong 'weapons' of choice are donuts, popsicles, and nature's elements. When evil characters are finally defeated, they return to their original peaceful state.

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